Carbon Parts Compass for Laser – Dual Hemisphere

Carbon Parts Compass for Laser – Dual Hemisphere

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After Phillipp Buhl‰۪s great success at the World Championship in 2013, CarbonParts developed in cooperation with him the CarbonParts Compass for Laser Dinghies.

The result was a much lighter (260g), smaller (14x9x10,5 cm) and more practical Compass, than ever before.

With the Plastimo Iris 100 compass rose you don‰۪t have to abstain from a good readable compass.

The Dual Lock 3M velcro ensures a unslipable fixation to the hull.

To quote Philipp Buhl: ‰ÛÏThe smallest and lightest laser compass ever! You will love it.‰۝

CarbonParts‰۪s compasses operate on a dual scale basis. We have a tactical scale that is sectored into four different coloured sections with numbers ranging from 0-5. This makes remembering a particular number much easier and works regardless of what tack you are on.

DUAL HEMISPHERE - use the 1 compass anywhere in the world